• Ga.ma Professional IQ2 Dryer

Ga.ma Professional IQ2 Dryer

  • Brand: Ga.ma
  • $449.95

IQ2 is the most advanced professional hairdryer in the world.

  • Lightest in its class with 294 gr.
  • Most powerful with a brushless 120,000 RPM motor coupled with Venturi Effect design.
  • Ergonomic and sleek design
  • Dries Hair Thirty Percent Faster Than Any Other Dryer
  • Double Removable Microperforated Filter: Specially created to trap even the smallest environmental particles. Protects hair from dirt and ensures longer motor life.
  • The star nozzle increases air flow and improves temperature distribution. Ideal for protecting fine hair and sensitive scalp.
  • Deep Diffuser: Diffuses warm air over large areas, avoiding damage to the hair cuticle. Protects curly hair from frizz and is designed to handle voluminous hair.
  • Professional Magnetic Nozzles: With magnetic coupling and mechanical lock. Double-layer heat protection for easy handling.

Available in 2 colors: Black and Rose Gold

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